DJ Career

I started my career in 1983 as a local club DJ ("Harbor Park" Middletown) ("Good Night Hartford")( "The Bar" New Haven) ("The Bar with No Name" Hartford) and many other clubs in the Connecticut area. I was a frequent club goer at (Riot and the Comet in Hartford) I worked my way from the clubs to radio in the mid 80's. I landed my first mixshow gig on WTIC 96.5... Saturday Nights that lasted from 1986 to 1992.


I started "Power Mix" that customized dance mixshows for radio stations in the USA. WQHT Hot97 was one of them I landed in 1989 New York City where I produced a 4 hour weekly dance show on Friday nights from 8 to midnight. My format stretched from Freestyle, House, Hard Techno to Pop. The Friday night hotmix lasted from 1989 to the summer of 93' ...that was the end of an era for dance music in NY when Hip Hop started to rule the air waves!

Sounds of the NY Underground

I created in 1993 the "Sounds of the NY Underground" featuring the Worlds greatest DJ's from New York, a 2 hour syndication with West One Radio and Debra Wrath from WQHT Hot recordings from some of the greatest clubs in NYC that featured DJ's/Producers that included...Junior Vasquez, Todd Terry, Little Louie Vega,Roger Sanchez, Danny Tenaglia, CJ Machintosh, Dj Dimitri-(Deee-lite), Glenn Friscia and Dave Dresden. They got air play on some great stations like B96 Chicago, KMEL in San Fran, Power 106 in LA.

MegaMix/Production work

In 1991 I produced ("Metropolitan Freestyle Megamix Vol. 1")----- (12' mix of Laissez Faire "In Paradise")----- in 1994 Todd Terrys label ("Freeze Club Mixer Vol. 1" and 12inch EP) ----- ("Freeze Club Mixer Vol.2")---- ( Rave-Ology Megamix)---- in 1995 ("Metropolitan Supermix")---- (Freeze Club Mixer Vol. 7)----MTV Party mix Vol.6 with Chris Walsh

My current life

I’ve been fortunate to live a life with some special people, it’s not to often that things turn out the way they do. I never thought I’d settle down and do the family thing, but that has changed my life and made me a better person. Jamie, Jaden, Jace, Jacob and I enjoy the good life with our family and friends as they are my celestial fix.

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